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Weekly & Monthly events
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10:00 am 


Each week we have a rousing discussion of issues and events of importance to the group

via Zoom




6:00-7:00 pm

Mindfulness involves bringing awareness and non-judgmental compassion to our thoughts and feelings while also gently refocusing our attention on the present moment – and away from preoccupations about the past or future. 

Third Wednesday of the Month

9:00 am - Prep

11:15 am - Serve

Join others from First Church to help fix and serve a meal at The Community Kitchen of North Iowa

The Community Kitchen serves hungry people in North Central Iowa. Clients include the low-income elderly, families with limited resources, the working poor, those with mental or physical handicaps, and people who are lonely, disenfranchised, or need the hospitality the facility provides.

Worship Sundays @10a.m.

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